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Intelligent Control System Solution

We are committed to provide one-stop solutions for our customers. Solve customers issues at any time.

Changzhou Winpark always adheres to the innovative concept of making the industry full of wisdom and let wisdom create value, making the profession become the foundation and let the foundation create value for the company. We are committed to helping SMEs to achieve the production process automation and information. Safeguard the efficient operation of the company with the Leading industrial automation and information technology, product and services. Actively implement Industry 4.0, Launched a series of smart industrial solutions such as “smart production”, “smart devices”, “smart industry” and “smart factory”. Become a pioneer in smart manufacturing.
Intelligent Control Equipment
Changzhou Huibang Electronics Co., Ltd
Welcome to Winpark
Changzhou Winpark Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to applying advanced automation, information technology, artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology to the industrial chain ecological improvement. We launched a "smart enterprise" complete solution, promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

IOT time, handle in your hand

Packing Machine project

For the precise temperature control, Circuit simplification, Simple structure of packing machine. We have used arc extinguishing technology to develop a new intelligent thermostat. This product guaranteed temperature control accuracy, temperature control system is simplified and the circuit is optimized.

Extruder Project

Winpark has developed the automatic GSM controller, this controller realizes the automatic control the weight of film blowing machine. It’s control the traction speed by collecting the flow rate of the raw material, then get the weight of the blown film. 

Laboratory Equipment project

Most of the low-end market still use digital tube display boards, ordinary button control board and capacitive touch keys. Winpark developed a new product for this phenomenon. This product adopts LCD display and add Knob operation, It simplifies the control mode and optimized display interface. Enhances the user's operating experience.

Hot Runner project

The Plastic Injection Industry often replaces molds and temperature control boxes, there are two ways of wiring, which is prone to misconnection. Winpark PF600 temperature controller can detect faults successfully, Error alarm display, protective hot runner mold and improve troubleshooting efficiency.

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