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Winpark equipment monitoring management system

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Platform function

Real-time monitoring of equipment

Remote monitoring of equipment, know the running status of the device in real time
Use APP & Web can control field devices, react within 1s
Realize the requirements of a mobile phone to control equipment anytime, anywhere.

Remote alarm

Push faults and alarms of critical equipment in real time, ensure production safety
Real-time alarm on data, and permanent view of historical alarms. APP & WEB
Alarm push, easy to find problems. Respond quickly to field devices and handling problems in time

Monitor the production progress of the workshop

Master the production progress of the workshop anytime and anywhere, improve shop utilization
Users can develop flowcharts themselves, add parameters to the flowchart. It’s can display data as well as control equipment. The image shows the industrial process picture of the field.

Analysis report of production cost

You can view and classify data. It’s displaying data status through pie chart and histogram image. Can calculate the minimum, maximum, average of the data in a certain period of time
View performance report. Such as production capacity, pass rate and so on. Thus continuously improve performance, saving labor costs. View energy consumption report, thereby saving production costs, production capacity, pass rate, energy consumption and OEE

Income from investment

Provide data and metrics for revenue decisions, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management
The algorithmic thought of this system comes from a professional production consultant team. Based on their resident experience, they can solved the pain-points of customers. Bring long-term investment income to customers

Introduction of functional modules

Integrate the subfunctions completed by each function module, meet the function of the whole system
The system is built on an industrial-grade security technology, it can solidly protect data security, and has a unified redundant system structure. Proof of fact, it’s safer and more reliable than traditional HMI/SCADA software

Configuration service

Experienced construction team. Deploy quickly for the customers based on non-destructive transformation.
Use our professional technology to provide you with peace of mind.
We have experienced construction team. They can deploy quickly for the customers based on non-destructive transformation. Realize network integrated management of “management, control and operation”

Winpark equipment Management System

IOT platform for remote monitoring operation and maintenance management of equipment workshop
Enterprise-level system of workshop remote monitoring operation and maintenance management. understand the operating status of the device at real time. This system has Lower cost, safer, more stable and continually updated.

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