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Packaging machine equipment of electromechanical company

The packaging machine is equipped with ZF series products newly launched by our company. In the stage of R&D equipment, they face some issues like too many external contactors lead to complicated circuit design and high cost, So winpark recommend ZF series products, this series use the arc extinction technology (save SSR usage and load is directly driven by temperature controller) help them eliminating the issues. In the last, packing machine company finalize equipment and get good reputation from customers.
Now, WINPARK keeps good cooperation relationship with them.

ZF series intelligent arc extinction temperature controller

ZF series is a new extinction temperature controller developed by Winpark. Characteristic: Exquisite appearance, user-friendly interface design, multiple functions. Save SSR usage, Temperature controller drive load directly, Provide you economical temperature control system with easy installation, safe circuit design, accurate temperature control and strong anti-interference ability, ZF series is be widely used in packing industry, plastic industry and etc.

Product features

  • TC/RTD support
  • LED display
  • Indicator light display working status
  • INFO key display error status information
  • Load is directly driven by temperature controller, save contactor usage
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Auto-Tuning control
  • ON/OFF control & PID control
  • SCR control output
  • Overtemperature fuse protection

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