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WINPARK is committed to provide automation solutions for customers. Solve customer issues at any time.
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Committed to provide automation solutions for customers
WINPARK is committed to provide automation solutions for customers.
Welcome to WINPARK
Changzhou Winpark Electronics Co., Ltd established in 2000. WINPARK focus on R&D and manufacturing the energy-saving technology with precision measurement control. With many years of developing and producing experience, Winpark has a professional R&D team, advanced production equipment and ability to produce high quality, high precision & high reliability industrial automatic instruments. From the first multi-function digital counter to the multi-channel intelligent temperature controller, from the test equipment dedicated controller to the programmable control system, WINPARK is unremitting efforts to do best. The core of Winpark is the customer demand and we will keep working hard to provide customers with more efficient products & best service. WINPARK is becoming an excellent automation product & service provider.
Create a first-class enterprise & Create first-class talents & Do first-class contributions.

Client Philosophy

Our value is creating value for our customers. Create value for society then get return. WINPARK provides industrial automation products. WINPARK commit to create more values for customers.

Tech Philosophy

Technology development is power source of the company. Each of our customers is an expert in their industry. We are obligated to achieve the professionalism of our clients through our professionalism.

Work Philosophy

Seeking truth from facts is our work ethic. WINPARK thinks purpose of work is to create happy. Promote a pleasant work and create a pleasant working environment. Discover the joy of work is our ultimate goal. However, a happy job does not mean there is no difficulty in work. No challenges, accept challenges and overcome challenges are the fun of our work. WINPARK pursuit is creating in happiness and enjoying happiness in creation.

Management Philosophy

Seeking truth from facts is the only way we work. Encounter problems and solve problems, pay attention to the truth.  This is our understanding of seeking truth from facts, It is also the basic principle that we adhere to in our daily work.

Company Philosophy

Since our start, winpark keeps observing, listening, comprehending and creating in the perspective of customers. In order to make it easy for your equipment manufacturing and using, we add our efforts and professional knowledge to our products all the time.

Company Vision

Commit to professional automation supplier is our unremitting pursuit.

Achievements and Honors

We are dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for our customers.

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ADD: 5th floor Tian’an lndustry, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China 213000
Phone: 0519-85132277

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