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Injection molding industry for hot runner control systems

The hot runner control system for this injection molding machine. This customer of hot runner found out abnormal plastic material during production. They can’t judge the problem (temperature control failure, hot runner or mold problem). It adds a lot of troubles in after-sales process. After the technical personnel investigation in the site, they found that problem caused by temperature control failure. Then the company replaced the PF600 temperature control card. PF600 use intelligent PID algorithm and three relays are used together, so it has accurate temperature control and protect the circuit board. Fault prompt functions can let the operating personnel to check out the fault. Improve production efficiency and save maintenance cost

PF600 hot runner control system

PF600 series is a new hot runner temperature control card, it has LCD alarm warning. Detect misconnection to protect hot runner and reduce the maintenance cost. The elegant appearance, strong functions and LCD display, provide cost-effective service.

Product features

Detect thermocouple abnormal
Detect loading loop
Detect sensor end misconnection
Detect load end misconnection
Software and the output line function
Fuse break warning, show current & output ratio
Ultralow temperature alarm
Detect heating tube abnormal, protect the heating tube
380V voltage protection, avoid card broken by misconnections
Compatible with many brands temperature control card  
Free switch PID auto-control, manual control and standby mode  
Optional wireless communication function, remote monitor  
The PF600 uses three relays to work together. The dual relay cuts off the circuit, performs resistance detection on the measuring sensor end and the heating circuit, and judges the line status safely and accurately, and gives an alarm prompt. Avoiding line errors can damage the hot runner mold.

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