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Biochemical incubator for laboratory equipment

Taking the biochemical incubator as an example, the digital LED display can’t visually display the working status and icons, Single display and the market competitiveness is declining year by year. In the control operation, the biochemical incubator use ordinary buttons or capacitive touch buttons. Control method is complicated and the operation is too cumbersome. The touch type capacitive button is easy to be accidentally touched and cause control disorder. The requirements for temperature control and cost control are relatively high for these machines, and the accuracy and stability of the temperature is important for final product. So we developed ZK series, It simplifies the control method, optimizes interface and get good reputation from customer.

ZK series intelligent temperature controller

The instrument company is producing all kinds of laboratory equipment. The biochemical incubator is one of main products for this company. A newly developed incubator device is positioned as a high-end series, It requires that the appearance of the control panel unit should be unique, It should more atmosphere, precise temperature control and more functional in thermostat. So WINPARK R&D team cooperated with this company and developed ZK series. ZK series products adopted color LCD display and transparent cap design is the design highlights, the stronger stability of the thermostat and the abundant functions. Now ZK series products have been applied in new incubator produced by this company

Product features

  • Adopt leading design craft
  • Two-Way PID control shorten the heating time and improve control accuracy
  • Temperature upper limit alarm, temperature lower limit alarm and sound & light alarm
  • Multiple timing methods (optional)
  • Automatic light turn off (adjustable time)
  • Easy operation and elegant appearance
  • LCD display, accurate and intuitive
  • Extension module: multi-step ramp soak program control, Modbus RS-485, APP, remote monitoring

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