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The Equipment Of Pesticide Products In Chemical Industry Equipment

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The Equipment Of Pesticide Products In Chemical Industry Equipment

Resolve uplink batch reaction problem in the equipment of pesticide products



In order to solve basic uplink batch reaction problem of insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, plant growth regulator, mould inhibitor, mothproofing agent pesticide products. We propose to use new generation of digital configuration intelligent temperature control instrument GR818 series products. It turns out that GR818 series can easily satisfy relatively decentralized operation. It also appropriate for requirements of scattered display, control, centralized monitoring and recording.

二、application background


For example, a pesticide product intermediates used by tetramethyl ethylene GR818 instrument. Tetramethyl ethylene mainly by adjusting the steam into the reboiler to bottom and the top of the tower of differential pressure control, cutting tower, distillation tower, distillation tower three sets of materials , the differential single loop control system. Cut elevated tank of tower, distillation tower of a high, distillation tower overhead tank level indicator and interlocking system. When elevated tank liquid level comes to upper limit, it will automatic stop. When it comes to lower limit, it will automatic start, the dimerization reator high pressure alarm, temperature control instruction, recording and other functions.
The temperature control system plays very important role inside the equipment. Whether really have monitoring and recording concentration, control, risk diversification and etc directly affect analysis and improvement of products data to risk judgment of field environment.
Most pesticide equipment temperature control operation system consists of temperature controller, etc. FAQ (Frequently asked questions):
Cannot use centralized monitoring and recording
Too trouble and waste time to change the instruments
When above questions happen, without record, may lead to bad performance of judging problem accurately in very short time. Waste too much time and vigor to change the broken instruments, influence processing effect and lower the working efficiency, etc.



The application of GR818 series’ communication function and module plug function can be an effective solution to above mentioned problems. Its system framework is described as follows:

Pesticide products and equipment in the chemical equipment industry

Compared with conventional system, the application of above mentioned solution’s advantages are:
Choose configuration software platform and use RS485protocol constitute LAN, computer supervisory control, self programming, configuration and commissioning. It achieves functions of technical parameters centralized monitoring, controlling and recording. Upper machine under the query wheel for each link state configuration instrument, gather real time data. The parameters of instrument can be modified on the instrument panel, also can be issued by the upper machine command statements for modification. Module plug structure gives more convenient for staff to maintenance without discharge teardown table during maintenance time

四、 hardware configuration

    Configuring intelligent temperature controller GR818

    Host computer configuration software

    RS232/RS485 converter

    GR818 series intelligent configuration temperature controller
    Upper unit configuration software
    RS232/RS485 conventor


First, module plug structure makes instrument more functional, convenient and cheap.
Second, Winpark configuration table meet requirements of production display, automatic control and monitor. Never appear quality problem and improve the working efficiency.

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