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ZK Series Temperature Controller

ZK series is a new extinction temperature controller developed by Winpark. This series is be widely used in oven, incubator, drying oven and etc. Meet the needs of customers from low to high. In the field of laboratory equipment, to make customers temperature control requirements and temperature control accuracy more accurate and effective. It can additional fan, lighting, communication and other modules. thereby saving customers time and money, it’s very competitive.

- Power configuration increases arcing module, safe and reliable

-LCD display, accurate and intuitive

-Rotary switch operation, very easy and convenience

-Extension module, upgraded function

-Precise temperature control, Two-way PID control

— Rated Voltage: 180V-240V

—Power Consumption: ≤5VA

—Resolution: 1℃, 0.1℃ (Adjustable)

—Relay Output: AC 220V/DC 30V, 3A

—Logic level output:

ON: DC 12V

OFF: DC0.5V以下  OFF: Below DC 0.5V

Max Current: 30mA

Load Resistance ≥1K

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