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SAT100 series temperature control module

SAT100 series multi-channel temperature control module is an integrated and intelligent multi-channel thermostat with temperature control as the main part, corresponds to multiple functional directives and extension module applications, centralized control and single point control. Exquisite appearance design, compact internal structure, it has strong expansion capability up to 256 points, and it solved the problem of large occupation area and unified management in combination with multi-channel thermostat. In order to meet the application needs of different industries, this module has added some functions such as sensor exception protect, soft-start function, thermocouple abnormal alarm, high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, deviation upper & lower limit alarm, ON/OFF control of refrigeration, reversed PID for refrigeration and other functions. The customers can use RS-485 communication to build a multi-channel temperature control system with HMI, PLC and other electromechani

— Switch K, E, J type of input freely

—Support SSR drive single output

—Extended module support relay output and analog output

—Two-Way PID auto-tuning function

—Soft-start function

—Sensor exception protect

— Resolution: 1℃ / 0.1℃

—The strong combination ability of extended module, max up to 256 points

—One module can independent control 4 temperature points, save installation space

—Cooperate with Winpark expansion module, it is widely used in: Plastic, hot runner, oven, medicine and other industries

—RS-485 communication to build a multi-channel temperature control system with HMI, PLC and other electromechanical products.

SAT100 2

Electric Specification

—Rated Voltage: DC 18~30V

—Power Consumption: ≤5VA

—Dielectric Strength: power-input: 1500V AC 1min; input-relay output: 1500V AC 1min; power-relay output: 1500V AC 1min

—Insulation Resistance: input-relay output: >20MΩ; input-power: >20MΩ; power-relay output: >20MΩ

—Working Environment: Ambient Temperature: 0℃~50℃; Relative Humidity: 35%~85% (no condensation)

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