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Hot runner control system for plastic industry

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Hot runner control system for plastic industry

 Solve the problem of abnormal discharge and line fault

I. Summary

    The Plastic Injection Industry often replaces molds and temperature control boxes, there are two ways of wiring, which is prone to misconnection. Winpark PF600 temperature control card can detect faults successfully, Error alarm display, protective hot runner mold and improve troubleshooting efficiency.

2. application background

    The hot runner mold is more complicated than cold runner mold, if the operation by mistake, the hot runner parts will be damaged and affected production efficiency. The temperature control box and the hot runner mold are connected by the aviation plug. There are two wiring modes for the aviation plug. If your wiring is wrong, the internal heating coil may be damaged. The hot runner system wiring is very complicated. If the system accidently damaged, it will be difficult to check out the fault.

P F600


PF600 temperature control card can solve the above problems.


LCD display alarm as follows:

1.Detect thermocouple abnormal

2. use break warning

3. 380V voltage protection, avoid card broken by misconnections

4. Detect load end misconnection

5. Wrong line

6. Detect loading loop

7.  fuse 1

8.  fuse 2

detection mode

PF600 use intelligent PID algorithm and three relays are used together, so it has accurate temperature control and protect the circuit board. Fault prompt functions can let the operating personnel to check out the fault. Improve production efficiency and save maintenance cost.


This series controller has high accuracy, multiple security features and strong anti-interference ability. It’s suitable for hot runner systems. We will continue to improve the hot runner temperature control system, provide customers with higher quality and service

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