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HPC series Programmable Logic Controller

HPC series programmable logic controller is the new developed product by WINPARK. It adopts the precise manufacturing technical. The inside board adopt advanced jamming technology and has high reliability. This product adapts multispecies and small quantity production demand. With the enhancement of communication capability and the development of human-machine interface (HMI) technology, it has become very easy to use PLC to form various control systems. The workload of the design, installation and commissioning of the system are small. Easy to maintain and retrofit.

-High reliability, strong anti-interference ability- Complete hardware, complete functions and strong applicability
- Full hardware, function maturation, strong applicability

-  Easy to learn and easy to use

-With the expansion module by winpark, it is widely used in: plastics, hot runner, machinery, medicine and other industry

— Input point: 12/24

—Input point: P type input

N: N type input

TC: Thermocouple input

 AI: Analog Current input

 VI: Analog Voltage input

RD: RTD input

CT: Transformer Current input

Output point: 8/12/16

 Main output: R: Relay output

SC: Built-In SCR output

 VQ: Analog Voltage output

 T: Transistor output

AQ: Analog Current output

TR: SCR Phase-Shift output

 S: Logic Level output

— Analog interface

— Power Supply and COM port

 E: Ethernet port

 R: Modbus RS485 COM

 Power Supply

 A: AC power(220V)

D: DC power(24V)

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