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GSM Controller (Gram Per Square Meter)

Winpark has developed the automatic GSM controller, this controller realizes the automatic control the weight of film blowing machine. It controls the traction speed by collecting the flow rate of the raw material, then get the weight of the blown film. GSM controller effectively solve the problem of uneven thickness of finished products, which problem is due to the actual bulk density of raw material is unstable, the flow rate of raw material is uneven during the production process. The temperature difference of day and night, the grid voltage fluctuations and filter blockage are also the causes. GSM controller improved the production quality and production efficiency.

High accuracy GSM to improve quality and save raw material

Automatic GSM control to reduce the labor intensity

Lack of raw material alarm. Inform labor to handle emergency in time

  Reduce scrap rate and increase production efficiency

 Real-Time volume length & weight display for grasping the timing of unloading

Real-Time production state display for convenient management

Digital isolation technology and high anti-interference performance

 Modbus RS-485

7-inch HMI, clear and intuitive

 Real-Time GSM display

Power Supply: 85265V  50Hz/ 60Hz (±4% deviation)

Weighing sensor motivate voltage: 5V DC±5, Max Current: 100mA

Analog Output Type: 010V/ 020mA

Encoder excitation voltage DC 24VMax Current: 100mA

Switch output voltage DC 24VMax output current: 400mA

Working Environment: Ambient Temperature: 0℃~50℃; relative humidity: <85%(no condensation), Non-corrosive gas

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