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GMS controller for plasticized product equipment—Blowing machine

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GMS controller for plasticized product equipment—Blowing machine

Solve the problem of uneven thickness of finished film


    Winpark has developed the automatic GSM controller, this controller realizes the automatic control the weight of film blowing machine. It’s control the traction speed by collecting the flow rate of the raw material, then get the weight of the blown film. GSM controller effectively solve the problem of uneven thickness of finished products, which problem is due to the actual bulk density of raw material is unstable, the flow rate of raw material is uneven during the production process. The temperature difference of day and night, the grid voltage fluctuations and filter blockage are also the causes. GSM controller improved the production quality and production efficiency.

2、application background


Specific to an extruding machine using PLC as the main control unit. This extruding machine controls the acquisition module by temperature, then operated by the PCU, finally, it operates by the mode of output point control. This leads to inaccurate temperature control, and the cost is high.


Winpark has developed the automatic GSM controller

                          Mick weight controller


 Product features

Consistent and accurate weight per metersaving raw materials

Auto-control, reduce manual intervention and the labor intensity of workers

Alarm function, remind workers handling emergencies in real time. Reduce scrap rate and increase production efficiency

Display current volume length and current volume weight in real time

Display current production in real time

All interfaces using digital isolation technology, strong anti-interference ability

RS485 communication

7-inch touch screen display

Display weight per meter of film in real time

4、  GMS Controller

5、After comparison, GSM solution has low cost, good performance and short development cycle. Now, WINPARK keeps good cooperation relationship with them.

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