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AK6 Series intelligent temperature controller

AK6 series product could meet wide range of needs. It is cost-effective and customers rate it highly all the time. The appearance is designed by famous design companies, the operation is easy, control is precise and anti-interference ability is strong. It is widely used in extruding, packaging, rubber, biological engineering, chemical and other occasions.

- appearance: 48mm × 48mm; 48mm × 96mm; 96mm × 48mm; 72mm × 72mm; 96mm × 96mm;
- Input signal: K, E, J, N, W3-25, W5-26; PT100; CU50
- Power type: linear power supply; switching power supply
- main output: relay; logic level output; analog output; thyristor phase shift trigger / zero-crossing trigger; 30A relay; thyristor straight belt; isolated analog output
- Alarm output: no alarm; 1 relay; 2 relays; 1 logic level 1 relay; 1 logic level; 2 logic levels; 1 relay (normally open, normally closed) - see wiring diagram meter)
- Enhanced features: no enhancements
- Function code: Custom product serial number, this item is meaningless when product selection

AK6 series 1

—Rated Voltage: AC100(-15%)~240V(+10%)、50/60 HZ

—Power Consumption: ≤5VA

—Dielectric Strength: power-input: 1500V AC 1min; input-relay output: 1500V AC 1min; power-relay output: 1500V AC 1min

—Insulation Resistance: input-relay output: >20MΩ; input-power: >20MΩ; power-relay output: >20MΩ

—Working environment: Ambient temperature: 0℃~50℃; Relative humidity: 35%~85% (no condensation)

—Input Type: K,E,J,N,W3-25,W5-26,S,B,R,T;PT100、CU50、0-5V、0-10V、4-20mA

—Input Impedance: thermocouple: ≤100Ω

—Measurement Range: -200℃—2300℃

—Resolution: 0.1, 1 (adjustable)

—Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

—Relay Output: relay contact: AC220V/ DC30V,3A;resistive load or designation

—Logic Level Output: ON: DC12V (DC9V~15V); OFF: Below DC 0.5V; Max Current: 30mA; load resistance≥1K

—SCR zero cross signal: 100mA

—DC 4-20mA output: allowable load resistance below 500Ω

—Alarm output (up to 2 point): AC220V/DC30V, 3A; resistive load or designation

—Compliance with EMC standards

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